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[6.5 M+] Crowdfunding Investors Email List, Crowdfunding Campaign Promotion

Extensive Reach: Our [6.5 M ] Crowdfunding Investors Email List gives you access to a wide network of investors specifically interested in crowdfunding opportunities. Connect with a diverse range of individuals who are actively seeking new investment prospects in various crowdfunding sectors. Targeted Marketing: Tailor your marketing campaigns specifically for crowdfunding investors. Segment your audience based on their investment preferences, preferred crowdfunding platforms, or specific sectors of interest. This targeted approach allows you to deliver highly personalized messages that resonate with potential investors. Verified and Up-to-Date Information: We understand the importance of accurate and reliable data. Our Crowdfunding Investors Email List undergoes regular updates and verifications, ensuring that you have access to the most current and valid contact details. This ensures the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Time and Cost Efficiency: Instead of spending valuable time and resources on manual lead generation, our database provides you with a ready-to-use collection of email addresses belonging to crowdfunding investors. This saves you time and allows you to focus on promoting your crowdfunding campaign and engaging with potential investors.


Leads Name: Crowdfunding Investors Email List, Crowdfunding Campaign Promotion Leads
No Of Leads: 6.5 Million Leads
Leads Type: Name, Email. (400k List with name email, project, amount invested etc details)
Leads Category: Targeted Email Database
Updated Date: January 2024
File Formats: .csv, .Xlsx etc. spreadsheet format
Who Should Buy:  If your company services and products that have been looking to target The Crowdfunding Investors.
Delivery Time: Instant Download
Source of Leads: Collected from the various successful Indeogogo, Kickstarter crowd funding campaign promotions.

All the mailing lists, sales leads that are available in our database follow the CAN-SPAM act and is entirely legal. All the mailing lists on our website have been collected from the users legally from various sources like newsletter subscriptions, phone calls, optin web forums, online and offline surveys, multiple events and trade shows. And You can run all your marketing campaigns using our mailing lists as long as you completely obey the CAN-SPAM act and promoting the legal products.


All our sales leads, mailing lists have been collected legally. So you can run a successful bulk email campaign using our email lists only by following your country based rules


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